Below are links to core articles on WBL.

Lauren B. Resnick, "Learning In School and Out," Educational Researcher, Vol. 16, No. 9. (Dec., 1987), pp. 13-20+54.
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Building High Quality WBL Programs - Techniques Magazine, 1/2015, Assoc. of Career & Technical Ed.
Includes four key items essential for quality WBL experiences, based on a survey of the literature and national survey of WBL coordinators.

from Working Knowledge: Work-Based Learning and Education Reform by Thomas R. Bailey, Katherne L. Hughes and David Thornton Moore. A deep synthesis of research on work-based learning, including practical teaching techniques for both the workplace and the classroom.
Chapter 9: Pedagogical Strategies in the Workplace:

Chapter 10: Pedagogical Strategies in the Classroom to Support Work-Based Learning: