This page includes resources for planning activities and instruction related to a wide variety of work-based learning activities.

WBL Activity Planning Worksheet: The worksheet below can be used to outline any WBL activity. A sample worksheet is also attached, inspired by work done by Andrew Woodbridge at Grover Cleveland High School.


Youth Development Techniques (from Scholars at Work Facilitator Guide)
These youth development tips and techniques are drawn from the Scholars at Work Facilitation Guide. For more information about Scholars at work, visit the CTE webiste: click here.

Worksite Visit Report
This form is used to document the site visit to ensure internship worksites are prepared to provide the educational experience as intended, as well as ensure that the worksite is in compliance with all Federal, state, and local policies.

Goal Setting and Task Planner Techniques
The lessons below support teachers or work readiness providers in using academic skills (ELA, mathematical thinking) to construct goal statements, and to critically analyze and reflect on tasks that they do in their internship.

Goal Setting
Facilitator Guide:
Student Portfolio:

Task Planner

Message Box: Lesson on Empathy, Collaboration, and Politics
Taken from political planning, the Message Box exercise provides a format for students to research and explore positions held by potential collaborators.

8 Essentials of Project-Based Learning
Work-based learning activities lend themselves to a project-based approach. Attached is a summary of 8 essential elements that make for deep, high quality learning through projects.

DOE Academic Policy FAQ on Offsite and Service Learning: Information about requirements / options for offering credit for off-site learning.

"Using Internships to Deepen Classroom Learning and Develop Professional Skills," a report from the Academic and Personal Behaviors Project of the NYC Department of Education, Office of Postsecondary Readiness

Task Planner - Lesson, Worksheet and Samples: Developed for the CTE Summer Scholars program, this provides interns a way of analyzing a task that they are given at their internship. It allows student, supervisor and teacher to reflect on how a student takes on a role within the team.
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DOE Academic Policy FAQ on Offsite and Service Learning: Information about requirements / options for offering credit for off-site learning.

Quality Work-Based Learning Toolkit (Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools)
This comprehensive toolkit provides descriptions of set of principles, planning tools and tips for developing a full WBL curriculum.
Regional policies and rules may not apply, but many of the other tools do. The whole toolkit is available for download here:

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Job Shadowing:
Service Learning:
Workplace Tours:

Factsheets on particular WBL Activities
Informational Interviewing:
Job Shadow:
Service Learning:
Workplace Tour:

New Ways to Work - Other Resources: