The Supplemental Internship Fund (SIF) is one of the core programs of the WBLRC. The Work-Based Learning Resource Center allocates funds based on school applications, confirms students' eligibility for employment, and processes payroll on their behalf.

We are continuing to update the site as we prepare for Fall. Please check back often for changes.
Last Update 8/22/17

SY 2017-18 Program Dates and Allocation Announcements - (to download a copy, click here)
Allocations announced in June of 2017 are for the entire School Year, through Spring 2018.
  • Please note: due to increased placements this summer (double the number from 2014), we have significantly less funds available for the school year – currently 31% less than was available last year. This will impact funds available at schools.

  • Before interviewing students or making financial commitments to students or partners for the fall, please confirm there are funds available in the school budget or school's VTEA funds to cover any commitment you make.

Fall 2017
12 weeks
Spring 2018
20 weeks
Summer 2018
6 weeks
CTE Summer Scholars
# weeks TBD
Nominations Accepted/Deadline for Enrollment


Internal process
Working Dates
10/02/2017 – 12/22/2017
01/01/2018 - 05/18/2018
07/09/18 - 08/17/18
Notifications of 2018-2019 Allocations: May 4, 2018


The list below contains direct links to documents and web addresses needed for the Internship Application Process.

SIF Payroll Nomination Process
Please discard/destroy all old versions of application forms. Old application forms will not be accepted.
New forms for SY 2017-18 will be uploaded below.

New Online Application / Payroll System:
We have adopted and online system for applications and payroll that reduces paperwork and provides online access to enter applications and check their status, and track budgets and electronic payment to students through payroll cards.

(Note – this is valid only for SIF students. Students paid at school, and paid from certain grant funding sources will still have to be processed through Galaxy / Applicant Gateway).

Internship Management System - Guidance Document - New versions have been released and there are updates. this document will be updated, as the system develops, please check back regularly for new versions.Latest update currently in progress

Please check back for new Guidance Documents

Please have new students complete SIF 1 and WBL Training Plan and Evaluation Tool forms. Hold the information in the SIF 1 until you have access to entry in the System. You will be using the information on the SIF 1 form to populate the application in the on-line system. You will still need to submit the signed WBL Training Plan and Evaluation Tool below, along with the completed, signed CTE Internship Application, generated from IMS, to our office
via email.

CTE Internship Application Checklist - updated 10/23/17

1) Complete Internship Host Application - Updated 11/14/17
Each host organization must complete one application per year which covers all students and locations with that company. Please wait till funding becomes available to your school to make commitments to partners for interns. An application from the Internship Host must be on file before we can process the student for payment.
Host Applications for the 2017-18 year are good from September 2017 to the end of August 2018. Applications must be renewed every year.
Please discard/destroy all old Host Agreement/Application forms. Old forms will not be accepted. Updated 09/26/17

As an alternative to the Paper Application process, the Internship Host Application is now also available online! Please send the link below to your hosts. They can sign electronically, and create a profile in the system to enter their supervisors, worksite information, and job descriptions. This will also allow them to track the hours worked by their students.

For those participating in the CTEISP Program, your Network Intermediaries (NIs) will be securing your Host Sites and entering the information in IMS for you.

2) Work with Students To Complete Required Forms (Updated 6-13-16).

The Internship Management System now generates a CTE Internship Application (CTEIA) when all information required to complete the application in the System has been entered.

In addition, all applicants will continue to submit a completed, signed Training Plan, which can be found below

WBL Training Plan and Evaluation Tool

As of 10/23/2017: all applications must be submitted using the CTE Internship Application and the WBL Training Plan and Evaluation Tool above. NO SIF 2's will be accepted with the NEW Application form.

3) Nominate your students in the Internship Management System.

ALL Work Based Learning Coordinators MUST be trained on the Internship Management System (IMS)

Using the information you've collected from your students, fill in the Application in IMS for them. You will need to have committed Worksites in the system to attach to students and detail their internships. Once you have filled in all the necessary information and the student application/internship information is complete in IMS, you will be able to print out a CTEIA from the system for them to take home for Parental signatures. Students over 18 can sign for themselves, although we recommend parental signatures be obtained.

When the student returns the completed, signed CTEIA to you, and you and the student have signed it and the WBL TP, you may submit both of them to our office, either by scan/email or by fax

Please be aware that an application for which all information entry has been completed in IMS is only an indication that a student is ready to Onboard, it does not mean the student is cleared for work.

During this process, you should confirm that your students have the necessary documentation required to work in the U.S.
(I-9 Form), which they will need to present in order to Onboard. You can use the checklist above to track what documents you have seen.
  • All students under 18: Working Papers in the correct age group (note: the Application for Working Papers is not sufficient, students must have the actual Working Papers in their possession)
  • Photo ID to establish identity: School ID, State ID, U.S. Passport, etc.
  • Document that establishes eligibility to work:
    • Social Security Card (without disclaimer)
    • Non-citizens: Permanent Resident Card or Employment Authorization
    • For others, please see the List of I-9 Verification Requirements below

NEW!!!! Please note the Federal Government has expanded the list of acceptable documents for verification!!!!

I-9 Verification Requirements

Acceptable Documents for Verifying Identity & Work Authorization

Acceptable Documents for Verifying Identity Only

Acceptable Documents for Verifying Work Authorization Only

NEW!!!! Please note the Federal Government has issued NEW I-9 forms!!!! PLEASE DESTROY ALL OLD VERSIONS; THEY WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED

I-9 Form - Please print out and have your students fill in and sign the form on page 7. They will need to bring this form with them to Onboard. You may also submit it electronically with their completed and signed CTE Internship Application. Please do NOT submit electronic copies of Employment Verification Documents required for Onboarding.

4) Students attend an Onboarding Session at the 131 Livingston Street Office/Skype session from school.

Next Steps guidance for students whose Online Application is complete TBU:
Latest update 9/19/17

For details about what to bring for onboarding, please visit this page: click here.

5) Approval to Start Work

No interns may start work or be paid until our office notifies you that you are complete in the system. This Approval must be renewed each term.


Note: schools are required to keep signed copies of all timesheets for seven years. These are official records of the days and times that students worked, and must be kept on file (subject to audit).

Self-Insurance Letters

Liability coverage for students in authorized CTE Internships is automatically in place - no further action is required. If an Internship host requests a letter confirming this coverage, please download and complete the form. The request must be sent by a DOE school or office, and sent to:
Arlene Carragher at
Legal Services
NYC Department of Education
52 Chambers Street 308 - D2
(212) 374-5027