Updated 4/18/2017

Program Purpose
The Supplemental Internship Fund assists schools by providing financial support for students gaining work experience in their CTE Fields of Study, allowing students to practice skills taught in the classroom in authentic work settings outside the school. These experiences give students exposure to new work settings and opportunities to build relationships outside the school that can guide and support them in making choices about future training and college, helping them connect to employment opportunities upon graduation.

Video (33 minutes) and Conference Call Support
The video below describes eligibility requirements and a walk-through of all required forms. It is highly recommended that you view this video before completing the application. (Note the video was created for the 2015 application; there may be some small changes - please refer to the SIF Application Guidelines and Application form for the latest information).

Conference Calls: We have scheduled a series of conference calls for you to ask questions and obtain additional support. Please visit our Google Form for the schedule, and to RSVP - click here.

If you have further questions, or e-mail the WBLRC at wblbox@schools.nyc.gov, or call (718) 935-5820.

Funding Application Overview - Supplemental Internship Fund from NYC DOE WBL Resource Center on Vimeo.

SIF Application Forms - 2017-2018
Application Form
Required Attachments - Optional Templates

Application Process
By E-mail only -- send to wblbox@schools.nyc.gov

At this link, you can download the rubric used to evaluate each school's funding application.

Summer 2017 Internships: All schools interested in placing students for Summer, 2017, please indicate that on your application. We will contact you by Friday, May 5th to let you know whether or not you have been approved.

Summer 2017 and School Year 2017-18 Application Guidelines and Procedures:

To apply:
  1. Complete the attached SIF Application FY 2017-2018, using the attached Guidelines. (If you have any problems with the form, please contact the WBL Resource Center – wblbox@schools.nyc, or call (718) 935-5820.
  2. Create ONE completed application for your school that includes information on all of its eligible CTE Programs of Study. (You will see which of your programs are eligible in the documentation.) Multiple applications from a school will not be accepted.
  3. For each program for which you are requesting funding, please include the following attachments:
    • Employability Skills Profile: one for each CTE Program, customized to incorporate industry feedback
    • Work-Based Learning Sequence: scope and sequence of activities that provide students with interaction with industry form outside the school, as a prerequisite to internships
    • 1 Internship Training Plan Per Eligible CTE Program (samples): showing opportunities for students to observe and practice Technical Skills drawn from the CTE scope and sequence, and Work Readiness skills drawn from an industry-recognized framework such as SCANS, 21st Century Partnership or NAF.
  4. Submit the Application and Attachments by e-mail to WBLBox@schools.nyc.gov by Friday, April 28th, 2017, close of business.

CTE Dashboard: All CTE Programs of Study for your school must complete and use the STARS CTE Program Manager to be eligible for participation in this program.

If you have questions concerning the above, please contact:

Please share the information above with relevant staff at your school. Thank you!