Latest Update on 8/29/17


Kudos to all Site Monitors for a tremendous and successful Summer 2017! Thank you for all your efforts in making this summer a great experience for all of our interns. Please remember, if you have any adjustments to enter past the final regular payroll, you will be able to enter adjustments up to Tuesday - September 5th by 5pm. All final adjustments for this summer MUST be made no later than Tuesday – September 5th. You will not be able to enter any adjustments and pay students for hours not entered after September 5th.

As you complete your hours entry, also remember that you will need to approve ALL hours.

School Year 2016-17 Payroll Cards:
All students who have worked during the previous school year or summer 2016 should keep your existing Payroll Card. You will continue to be paid on the card you have.

All new students will receive their Payroll Cards from the Work Based Learning Coordinator at their school, after the students have been officially enrolled.

Please make sure you watch the Payroll Card Training Video Presentation below, in order to avoid being charged extra fees when using your card.

SY 2017-2018 Payroll Schedule

Summer 2017 Payroll Schedule

2016-17 Timesheets
Note: schools are required to keep signed copies of all timesheets for seven years. These are official records of the days and times that students worked, and must be kept on file (subject to audit).

Receipt of School Year Payroll Cards:
Payroll cards are ordered every two weeks, when payroll is submitted. WBL Coordinators can see what date they were ordered by downloading the "Payroll Card Inventory Report." Once ordered, it takes about 10 business days for them to be created and shipped to the school via UPS 2nd-Day delivery.

Receipt of Summer Payroll Cards - Summer 2017:

There will be ONE payroll distribution event during the summer of 2017. The event will take place on Friday, July 28, 2017 at Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis High School, 120 W 46th St, New York, NY 10036. The event will run from 10:00AM -12:00PM. New students, who have not previously been enrolled through the Work Based Learning Resource Center and have not previously received a payroll card through the IMS, should attend this event, and will be excused from work (if they are scheduled that day) for the length of the event ONLY. Those who are scheduled to work that day must return to work after they are released from the event. Make sure you bring a photo ID with you, as you will need it to get into the building and to pick up your card.

The event will consist of a video presentation about the payroll cards, and payroll card distribution. Those who are unable to attend the event, for whatever reason, should make plans to pick up their cards directly from the WBLRC Office, 131 Livingston Street, Room 307, Brooklyn, NY 11201. Students should bring a photo ID with them in order to enter the building and pick up their payroll card.

NEW - Payroll Card with Allpoint!

Direct Deposit and Payroll Card Training Video and Presentation
The video below has detailed instructions and information on setting up Direct Deposit, and activating Payroll Cards and using them without incurring fees. Please watch this with your students, so that you, and they, can be fully informed. The presentation is a paper copy of the video. Please feel free to download it for reference.

To set up Direct Deposit, please visit this website:

Direct Deposit and Payroll Card Training Video

Direct Deposit and Payroll Card Training Presentation

Payroll Card Reference Guides:
The guides below are for general reference and specifics on Payroll Card usage, including Fee Free information, and the Payroll Card Savings Option, .

Payroll Card Holder Agreement and Supplement

Payroll Card Guide

Payroll Card Quick Reference Guide - Updated

Payroll Card Savings Option

Lost Payroll Cards:
If students should lose their payroll cards, they should call 1-877-368-0006 to order a replacement card.

When they first call in, the system will ask for the card number. Simply don't press anything and a prompt will say "To report your card lost or stolen, please press ..."

Payroll cards will be sent to the address on file for the students, so they should check the address listed with the Customer Service Rep. If it is wrong, the WBL Coordinator should contact the Work-Based Learning Resource Center at 718.935.5820. We will update it and request the card be sent to the new address.

It takes about 10 business days to arrive at the participant's address on file.

W2s for DOE Income NOT Through IMS:
For students paid by check with the DOE, W2s were sent to the location of their last paycheck. If this was at the school, your payroll secretary should have received the W2.

Students who don't receive their W2 by the second week of February should request a duplicate using the form below. When completely filled in, this needs to be faxed directly to the W2 unit at HR, as indicated on the form.

W2s for Previous Term Income:
W2s for Calendar Year 2016 are now available through the Internship Management System:
Coordinators: Go to the Application for the particular student, select the Reports tab, and click W2 2016. It will download the W2 as a PDF which can be provided for the student.

Students: You can access them through the Participant Portal. Please refer to the instructional video above for information on how to enroll in the site and set up Direct Deposit.