SAM #79 CTE Expansion Initiatives has been posted to the Division of School Budget Planning & Operations website, providing funding to support duties related to work-based learning. Excerpts from the memo appear below; you can downloaded the full memo online at

For your reference, here is a list of all schools currently receiving SIF funding, cross-referenced with the schools selected for WBL Coordinator funding in SAM #79.

School Allocation Memo 79 Guidance
"Schools currently receiving SIF funding, as well as schools with certified WBL coordinators in possession of the NYSED extension certificate, qualify for this additional funding.... Qualifying schools will receive funding to cover the cost of one additional period per day for WBL coordinators, to be added to their current assignment of at least one instructional period per day. These supplemental CTE funds may only be used for this purpose."

"WBL coordinators duties eligible for this funding include:
  • ensuring adherence to New York State child labor laws,
  • completing all required documentation for employment of minors and students,
  • collaborating with CTE teachers prior to the commencement of student placements within industry,
  • conducting work site visits to determine the safe and instructional soundness of internship worksites, and
  • providing meaningful work based learning coaching and instruction to students.

If you have any questions about your eligibility, please send your questions to or

NYSED policy
Please note - the policy set in the Memo is more stringent than NYSED policy, or best practices identified by the WBLRC.

Per recent correspondence with NYSED, any school staff may actually conduct the site visits for work-based learning experiences. This means that CTE teachers – often in short supply to cover the classroom needs – can remain in school, and support other staff members in providing appropriate and supervision of offsite experiences. The funds in SAM 79, however, can only be used to support reduced teaching schedules for your WBL Coordinators.

The WBL Resource Center recommends a team approach to supporting offsite learning as an integrated part of a CTE program. Schools organize this work in a variety of ways – ideally, the WBL Coordinator's teaching schedule should be adjusted to provide time for the duties listed below. Offering per session, coverage, or allowing other school staff to fulfill these functions with guidance from the Certified WBL Coordinator are all permissible, and support the program in integrating authentic, high-quality learning into their CTE program.